Frisky Fall is back

Hello Everyone! Im back!

I have had a heck of a busy year, moving to Texas and planning my wedding (which was in Georgia, btw.) So I was moving into our new place, trying to make this place seem like home, and flying back and forth to Georgia for weeks or months at a time planning the wedding! So that is all finally (sadly) over now, and I am settling back in here in Texas!


That is why I am also stoked that it is time for the Frisky Fall challenge again from Tone it Up! I really need it to kick start my healthy lifestyle again, because I fell off that band wagon during all of that. Not to any crazy extent- but I was not eating healthy, that is for sure. So time to pick back up and get healthy and strong again!

So, if you guys did not read about this in my blog last year, let me know tell you it is a great program and very motivational! Visit the the Tone it Up website, sign up for the free emails, and follow the weekly schedules they post! It is an 8 week challenge this time around, so it ends right at Halloween! I will be posting tips or tricks or accomplishments that I pick up along the way- so join me if you want to start your healthy lifestyle!

It’s good to be back!

Xo, Erin


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