will you be my bridesmaid?

One of the first things I wanted to accomplish after I got engaged, was to think up and execute the perfect way to ask my bridesmaids to stand by my side on the big day. After pouring thru Pinterest and blogs for ideas and inspiration, I landed on something I think turned out pretty cute!



A lot of it is DIY. I bought the small round, brown paper jewelry boxes at hobby lobby and spray painted them gold. I then decorated each top with a paper flower (found in the scrapbook section) and a cardboard letter chip for their first name! I painted these the color pink I wanted.

For the note, I bought a piece of scrap cotton fabric at hobby lobby and cut out small peices. The letters are individually hand stamped by me! I had the stamps in my craft box, which I got on clearance a while back somewhere.

I wrote “we are finally tying the knot” 1. because we have been together for 9 years, and 2. the bracelets I purchased go with that theme!

I purchased cute “wedding knot” bracelets from Etsy, rolled the note up, and tied it with a bow!

The cute gold and pink bags I found at TJ MAXX 🙂

Share your ideas you have thought of to ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding!

XO, Erin


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