Exciting News!

As I’m sitting here on my lunch break, catching up on the Tone it Up blog posts (it’s been a few weeks since I have logged on)..I found a gem of a post!


They are coming to BRAVO! The lovely, beautiful and hilarious ladies of Tone it Up are premiering on Bravo on January 2nd! If you guys have not yet gone to the website that I have blogged about a few times now (here is the link again), you must! It’s so brilliant, and the community is so supportive. You can get so much motivation just by logging on and reading their posts, or by watching their YouTube videos!

Anyway…we get to go behind the scenes of how it all works! Their daily lives, how they run the biz, their goofball roommate status…the whole 9!

I for one can’t wait! I hope you all tune it and support them, because like I said, they are pretty fabulous.

Tune in! Toned Up, premiering January 2nd on Bravo!

Much love guys, Erin



3 thoughts on “Exciting News!

  1. Tone it Up is a great wellness blog – I’m a huge fan! Excited for K&K’s show. Check out my fitness blog some time as well! gritbybrit.com 🙂

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