6 Week Challenge: Results!


So the results are in! I finished the Tone It Up Frisky Fall 6 week challenge. It was definitely tough on some days, but I did it. I did 85% of the workouts (weekends were the hardest to keep on track), and I ate right/healthy 85% of the time too. Now keep in mind, I was already small pre-challenge. But the reason I wanted to do this challenge and the goals I had in mind were:

1. Shrink and tighten that “pooch” area in the tummy. I was constantly feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

2. Start working on my arm definition more

3. Begin focusing on a more healthy lifestyle in general- especially eating.

So here are my TIU results!:

results1 results2 results3

(Pictures are always terrible, it looks better in person 🙂 )

I know these are not those really dramatic results that everyone loves to see. But to me, its a difference. I can totally tell a difference mostly in the stomach area! I feel so much better now that I am even more conscious about what I put in my body than I was, and doing something active every day. Now, if I go 1-2 days without working out or doing something to work up a sweat, my body craves it and is ready to get back to it.

Now if you want to start a healthy lifestyle journey of your own, I highly recommend visiting Tone It Up! They are really great at keeping everyone motivated, they have great tips and recipes and they are just fun! Now I have not bought the TIU Plan, I am only signed up for the emails. I use the blog, Instagram, the Tone It Up YouTube channel, and their recipes they post to keep on track and motivated. For me it is plenty. If you want a more intense plan/program, you can buy their plan and they send you a TON of stuff. Either way, TIU is awesome! I’m going to be sticking with it for many challenges to come. 🙂

So now that I know how it feels to stick to a healthy regimen, I am definitely going to continue on this journey, and I hope you’ll stick around and even join! Tomorrow or Monday I am going to try and post my November workout plan and goals, and then give results along the way!

Enjoy your weekend!

XO ,Erin


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