Protein Pancakes + Coffee


Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted much this week! I have been playing caretaker to Matt who has been sick! However, I have been sticking with my Tone it Up plan I posted about previously! Its going really well! I am doing something active everyday. I’m eating as clean and green as I can, and I can tell a huge difference in how I feel. It wonderful.

I’m in the 3rd week on the TIU Frisky Fall Plan, and so I am always on their website looking for food ideas and recipes for meals and snacks! One of their most famous recipes that the entire community can’t get enough of is Protein Pancakes.

This morning was my first time making them. And let me tell you, they are amazing! They don’t exaggerate! For a healthy protein filled pancake, this is one amazing breakfast. I paired mine with their Protein Iced Coffee recipe:

1 cup of your regularly brewed coffee

Almond Milk

Generous amount of ice cubes

Protein Powder: All I had on hand was chocoalte. It doesn’t matter what flavor you use.

To Make: Combine all ingredients in blender and blend! That’s it! Its delicious!

I made this meal after my morning cardio and workout! Perfect for muscle recovery. I also like this recipe because I have a sweet tooth, and this is a great and healthy way to get a fix!

Just thought I would share this awesome and healthy meal with you guys! Have a Happy Thursday!

Xo, Erin


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