DIY: Fitness Binder

Happy Tuesday! Since I have been amping up my workout schedule and staying strict with my healthy lifestyle, I wanted to make a Fitness Binder to keep track of everything and my progress! This is really simple and cheap! So if you are serious about your health and fitness, I think organizing something similar to this would benefit you well!


1 inch Binder

Subject Dividers

Notebook Paper

Page Protectors


I found my binder on sale at Target with the 5 dividers already included! So, I decided on my categories next!

1. Motivation/ Goals: In this section I will write out my short term and long term goals, keep track of how I am doing on them. I will also keep things I find that motivate me, such as articles in magazines, quotes, pictures, etc…

2. Fitness & Nutrition Journal: This is where I will write down what I eat every day and the work outs that I do each day. This way I can be conscious of my effort.

3. Meal Plans: Here I will write out my dinners for the week. I write out what I am going to cook each night so I can make a list for the grocery store and don’t over buy, and so I don’t buy things I shouldn’t be eating. I also make a side list of my breakfast, lunch and snack options. One last thing I write down here is what I want to meal prep for the week when I get home from the grocery store.

4. Recipes: This is where I will keep healthy recipes that I have tried and liked, so I can go back to them easily whenever I want to cook it again!


After labeling my tabs, I split the notebook paper between “Journal” & “Meal Plans.” I put the page protectors in the back, and will be using them to put recipes and motivation articles and pictures in when I find them!


TaDa! That is it! You can customize your binder how you want for your own success! But this works perfectly for me!

Happy Training!

Xo, Erin

P.S. Check out my Instagram for what I’m eating and my workouts! Link is to the left!


3 thoughts on “DIY: Fitness Binder

  1. I think that is a great idea! You have me inspired to try this, sounds easy and like you said helps you stay on track>

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