Two-A-Day Kind of Day!

Yesterday my wonderful boyfriend surprised me with a spontaneous trip to the Oklahoma State Fair! This was exciting to me because I [believe it or not] have never been to a state fair! So we made the 2 hour drive, and spent the day shopping around the different vendors, trying any food we could that was deep-fried or on a stick, and riding the ferris wheel! I had a blast!

Suffice it to say, though, my stomach did not. I really didn’t over eat, but I ate high calorie foods and sodas all day. So I decided to double up my workout today!

woman runner training for marathon

Today’s Workout:

Cardio: I ran aprox. 2 1/4 miles. I did intervals- switching between sprinting and jogging. I did not time the intervals, I just kind of created stopping points up ahead for myself. About 30 second sprints.

Strength/Cardio: I did my second day of the Jillian Michaels Extreme Shed & Shred- 45 mins

Now I did not do these exercises back to back. I came home from my run, drank a glass of water and made a smoothie.

Today’s Smoothie: Berry Peanut Butter

1 apple – no core, handful blueberries, 4 strawberries, 1 scoop PB, 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder, 2 big spoonfuls of plain greek yogurt, and some almond milk!

After my smoothie digested- I waited about an hour or a little more- I got up and did Jillian. Then I drank a glass of chocolate milk [post on that to come soon], and ate a cobb salad for lunch!


How do you handle two-a-days!

Xo, Erin


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