I love Jillian Michaels

Hello All! Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday! I am here to share with you a workout DVD that I tried out today!


I think this version was released a few years ago, 2011. Anyway, I love Jillian Michaels! She really kicks butt, and that is what I like when I am putting in my daily workout. I have a collection of her DVD’s, and this is the first one I have that the workouts are 1 hour long! My other ones have been 30 minutes, but still are high intensity and action packed the whole time.

Today was my first day doing “Workout 1,” and my intention is to do this DVD for at least 2 weeks straight. I will do “workout 1” for 1 week, and I will do “workout 2” for the second week. I will share with you my results when I am done with it at the end of week two. These workouts are pretty hard core, and nonstop the whole hour. So I expect great things!

The reason I like this idea, is because it is an achievable short term goal. I know what I want to look like and feel like in the long term, but making short term goals such as this one is what helps me get to that long term goal! One step at a time, and one enjoyable workout at a time! That is what it is all about! Having fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you have a favorite workout DVD?

XO, Erin



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