Jewelry Finds

Welcome back from your long and relaxing Labor Day Weekend! I hope everyone got to end the summer with a BANG!

This weekend I was able to do a little shopping. With every store having their “End of Summer” & “Labor Day Weekend” sales, I was able to find some great stuff. Below is some jewelry that I snagged at Dillards for some really great prices, so I am really excited to wear them for the upcoming season.


It’s funny because I honestly did not even realize I had a theme with these pieces I bought until I was checking out. I am a sucker for anything leather, and anything with a stud. Ta Da! I think I captured it. I’m excited to layer the cuffs and wraps with some other gold bracelets and bangles that I already have. When I found the necklace, I thought it would be a perfect pop of gold with any basic outfit I put together, to give it some glam. It seems classic, but tough.

If you are in need of any jewelry or accessories, now is the time to shop the end of summer sales and really snag some great deals!

Thanks for dreaming! Xo, Erin



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